If you missed it, OpenAI held a conference with some exciting news for developers.


Here are a few takes from my perspective:

  1. OpenAI is building a community of developers. This was the same strategy that Apple used since the beginning, both with the Mac and iPhone. A community of developers means your product will keep adding value to the user.
  2. Allowing for everyone to create their own chatGPT is a sign of stability. Right now, the problem with AI tools are that they are volatile and unreliable. The cool tool you used yesterday may be gone next week. Creating a marketplace ChatGPT bots means a lower risk of losing access to that tool in the future.
  3. The new API and limits brought down barriers for development. More tokens, cheaper price, added privacy for the enterprise. This is exciting for us at the Lisbon Collective, we will be looking into adding an option to use OpenAI to our Open Source Project, Gregory-AI. Gregory can be used for News, Science Papers, and Clinical Trials, and we have been using it to try to speed up Multiple Sclerosis Research.

It was also quite fun to see Sam Altman act so much like Steve Jobs would.

Your tools for this week

Let’s not forget that there is more to AI than what OpenAI is doing. I found some attempts to implement AI into online search that are worth a look.

  • Perplexity AI - AI powered search tools.
  • Metaphor - Language model powered search.
  • Phind - AI-based search engine.
  • You.com - A search engine built on AI that provides users with a customized search experience while keeping their data 100% private.

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