I don’t know why, but lately I have been seeing Tarot readings using TikTok’s Live Video. While I tend to respect other’s beliefs, this one is something I can’t look away.

Let’s place disbelief aside and accept the idea that there are legitimate people who can read Tarot cards. Another thing we know for sure, is that for any system put in play some players will cheat.

Why are these people shuffling decks on TikTok? Because viewers can send virtual gifts to the creator who in turn will be able to convert them to real cash.

It’s despicable to see scammers take advantage of a person’s belief and desperation for a flicker of hope.

But these aren’t the tech Wizards of Oz.

Those are a different breed of people who have just enough skill to understand a technology and repackage it for resale with some or no added value. Which is fine, entrepreneurs are free to build and resell services. My concern comes from the way they show the service as a grandiouse shiny new thing.

I’ve recently come across Obsidian Co-Pilot, an app that promises to be your own AI assistant based on your own knowledge base. The people behind the app were very clear that it uses the OpenAI application interface protocol.

The lack of transparency from these companies will eventually bring AI to the Trough of Disillusionment of the Gartner Hype Cycle.


Tools for the week

This prophet comes with a big promise, https://www.prprophet.ai/ seems like a one-stop-shop for everything related to generative AI in Public Relations.

I don’t know what is behind the courtain but feel it is worth looking into.

Remove background from an image? https://www.remove.bg/ is pretty straightforward. You can also do it with your iPhone if you want.

The people at Notion have also revamped their template gallery. It’s worth a look if you’re picking up a new process or want to review your current way of doing things.

For transparency, I am registered for Notion’s affiliate programme.

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