A graph, a process, a mind map or a collection of notes, everything can be seen as a network of sorts.

I have been coming across the concept of network in unexpected places, like the way the obsidian note taking app can show us our notes a graph.


And even when we are developing a process or flow, it’s a linear network of nodes and steps.

The last encounter was with the concept of Knowledge Graphs.

A knowledge graph, also known as a semantic network, represents a network of real-world entities—i.e. objects, events, situations, or concepts—and illustrates the relationship between them. This information is usually stored in a graph database and visualized as a graph structure, prompting the term knowledge "graph."

Imagine building your own knowledge graph, around a topic which you are specially good at. And looking at all the books and sites you would like to read, the articles and blog posts, they would become your own gemini AI. With a greater mass of knowledge, and imbued with your way of looking at problems and sorting out information.

This concept doesn’t just apply to technology and knowledge management, personal or corporate.

Public Relations (PR) needs a thorough redesign and reframing as essential to manage networks of people, partnerships, and the instruments which the organisation, or person, uses to communicate.

Without going into too much irrelevant detail, I was faced with a problem caused by bureaucracy, a request for a consult was lost in “the system”. The solution was to call out to the social network I have, looking to the weak ties, because I had no way to know the status of the request.

The questions I get from this are simple.

If it wasn’t for the network I built around me, and the legitimacy I constructed with https://gregory-ms.com/, would this call for help done any good ? When PR unblocks or avoids delays in achieving goals, is it measurable? Can it be seen by the C-Suite?

Your AI tools for this week

We keep the topic of Networks in this week’s selection.


Upload and document and notedly will create notes for you.


Upload your files, search for information, ask questions, and get summaries. It’s creating your own chatbot for the document.

I suspect they are using the chatGPT service in the backoffice.


Ai-Powered Meeting Insights & Automation Platform


A re-run, Fireflies attends your zoom and Teams meetings to write the summary and action items for you.

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