The unbiased and dispassionate approach can be the best thing an agency brings to a business or brand, as long as their method is solid and the results match the expected quality.

I’m saying this because my last efforts on brand building and strategy have been about things that are very dear to me. The Lisbon Collective, and GregoryMS. And when something is close to your heart it is very easy to get stuck and to ruminate with the feeling it’s not quite there or good enough.

I’m going through this process again because I am setting up the brand strategy for the non-profit we created. We being António Lopes, Margarida Gomes, and me.

It’s meant to be a way to nurture ideas that put technology working for Human and Social goals, things like Gregory-MS.

A way to break this sort of creative block is to look at how others talk about the subject or the task. That took me to skillshare where I have seen a few courses teaching branding and not apply much method to it. And worse, quite a few of these consultants don’t make the distinction between the concept of Brand and Reputation.

The battle with the creative block is still going, but I did come across a refreshing perspective on branding for small business from Lisa Furze.

Tools for the mind

Instead of AI, this time there are two of my favourite sites regarding our thought procress.

Printable cards and posters to make us remember and avoid logical fallacies.


This website contains a series of tools to help hone our thinking. The latest one I found is the Faulty Reasoning Quiz

This quiz aims to help you get better at determining when someone is making a good point worth paying attention to, and when their reasoning has gone awry.

Keep in touch

Twitter is still going through a metldown and Reddit is facing a civil war between the management and the community. (The community always wins or migrates.)

From now on I’ll be more active on Mastodon and on Blue Sky. If you’re in any of those, please let me know so I can follow you there.