“Think Different” used to be Apple’s motto. Lately I wonder where that motto is in the way they run their business, and how much we are putting it to use or not.

Whether you use a Mac or a Windows computer, you have the widest range of tools ever available to a single person.

Apps to use as notebooks, spreadsheets to run calculations, chat and message options to outrun any carrier pigeon. Yet the process is still pretty much the same, the core of what we do to coordinate each other hasn’t changed.

Most of my time as been put towards setting up the Non Profit for the GregoryAI project, and keeping the Lisbon Collective running and looking for new projects. And one think I learned from Ana Neves, whose expertise focus on helping companies set up social tools in the workplace, is to pay attention to people.

It’s not about finding the best tool, it’s about finding a way that people don’t feel burdened by work.

It’s not that I like having a bunch of tools, it’s that it is important to pick the ones that work best for the team.

In the news

Is the podcast scene changing?

Spotify laid off 200 people, 2% of their workforce. According to Inês Rocha, a podcaster and journalist for Público, this is the last nail in the coffin for Gimlet and Parcast. Her arguments are on a twitter thread, https://twitter.com/ines_rocha/status/1668541907469828097?s=61&t=HDNHCUrPliievvB4gdOjfg

They translate to the following.

  • Spotify spent millions in 2019 and wanted results
  • For this, it mischaracterised the businesses it bought
  • When it didn’t see results, Spotify ended them Their mistake was not realising that podcasts only work when they make money for their authors.

SEO tools by Flávio Amiel

For all things related to Search Engine Optimization, I refer to two people and Flávio is one of them.

The other day he shared three tools on LinkedIn to help with SEO, from the content-side of the discipline.

  1. Content Brief Generator: https://www.swiftbrief.com/tools/content-brief-generator

  2. Keyword Clustering Tool: https://www.swiftbrief.com/tools/keyword-clusters

  3. Blog Outline Generator: https://www.swiftbrief.com/tools/blog-outline-generator

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