There is something on my mind lately, have you noticed LinkedIn is filled with answers to questions nobody asked?

Other social media channels are filled with questions where everyone is trying to come up with the best answer. Reddit, Mastodon, Twitter (for now), Stackoverflow, and Quora, of course. I think that happens for two reasons by (graphic) design and the triggering purpose.

Reddit’s purpose is to provide a home for communities around subjects. Twitter was built for people to share what was going on in real time, and then people gathered around topics and hashtags. Stackoverflow and Quora thrive because they’re meant to help you find an answer.

LinkedIn was built to help people thrive in their careers, make themselves known. But there, our posts only reach up to a certain level of our network. And in that limited reach, that smaller forum, I see people posting the answers to unasked questions.

Their biggest achievement lately, their promotion, their most recent interesting article, or opinion around the agenda’s hot topic. (There are so many AI experts lately.)

I am guilty of that sin. I’ve been posting my achievements more than my questions. Is it because not knowing (still) makes us look weak ?

Lets get back to our usual topics.

An article by the Washington Post was making the rounds in my feeds, describing how two copywriters lost their jobs due to AI.

Your takeaways from this, companies are putting more emphasis on price than on quality. And it’s undeniable that chatGPT produces content that is average enough to pass as written by a junior copywriter.

Write an email to yourself in the future. will deliver it to you when the time comes. This is something I have been doing for years now, with my calendar and not the email.

I’ll note down when I met friends who are dear, important dates, or questions to myself. “You’ve been doing this lately, did it work?”

But the most interesting part for me is that you can read public and anonymous letters


Your AI tools for this week

Wasn’t really looking for a theme, but all the things I came across are to help build FAQs and How-Tos.

Create FAQs, blogs, and docs with content blocks in minutes.

guidde is the generative AI platform for business that helps your team create video documentation 11x faster.

Tango instantly turns what you know into step-by-step guidance—no videos, meetings, or screen shares required.