Writing these weekly notes is an exercise in memory. What did I do this last week? Am I on track for what I want to achieve?

After the tribulations, this week was mostly to get back into a healthy routine and the work-life swing of things, making as much time as possible for me and people I care about and love. The only ups and downs were emotional and there is a hopeful spark in the dusk ahead. Don’t get the idea it was dark and gloom, it actually warmed my heart in a lot of ways.

Let’s talk AI

What’s new in the Artificial Intelligence Hype

Auto-GPT is the new shiny object with potential, at this point I feel it is more a full featured proof of concept at this point than a commercial service or application. And I say this because it still requires some technical knowledge to install and try out.

And yet, it’s already amazing.

What makes Auto-GPT reasonably capable is its ability to interact with apps, software and services both online and local, like web browsers and word processors. For example, given a prompt like “help me grow my flower business,” Auto-GPT can develop a somewhat plausible advertising strategy and build a basic website.

From https://techcrunch.com/2023/04/22/what-is-auto-gpt-and-why-does-it-matter/

In the medical field, I found Glass Health.

AI-assisted diagnosis and clinical decision-making
At this point I am not a fan of an AI that helps run diagnosis as a black box. I'll leave the decision on how good Glass.Health is to the actual doctors.

This weeks’ collection of AI tools

Prompt Tools:

  1. PromptPerfect - Helps create specific prompts for different AI models like GPT-4.
  2. PromptPal - Prompt search engine and marketplace.
  3. PromptStorm - Prompt builder plugin for ChatGPT.
  4. MidJourney Prompt Tool
  5. ePromptly - Allows you to use prompts with just a click.

Interview and Information Extraction Tools:

  1. Outset AI - Helps run interviews and extract information.
  2. Grain AI - Extracts information from interviews.
  3. Rhetor AI - Automates interviews.

It’s funny that some tools that are popping up that help write the prompts. Asking questions in the right way is proving to be the most important skill when using AI.

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