You’d think coming back to my routine would be easy, no? I did too, but it wasn’t.

Between clients, school and life as we know it, I barely made it to friday night for the last class.

Saturday morning made it all worth while when I found myself surrounded by people dear to me. There’s a place where I go every chance I get, called “How About Coffee”.

And better than hanging out at the café is being able to share it with new people I come across.

Let’s drop the sentimental bit, let me tell you about how I hate meetings. Read on if you do too.

Your AI tools for this week

There’s a nice list of AI tools to help you take meeting notes, and even extract assigned tasks.

My favorite so far is Fireflies.AI

Productivity and project management

You knew this would be about Notion.

This time, there is a blog post on how the Notion team uses their own tool to keep track of Goals, Projects, Tasks, Docs, and Meetings.

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