Oh what a week!

I had the opportunity to chat with third year PR students about what AI means to them and the Future of their discipline.

If you are curious, here’s the slide deck on AI and Public Relations, it was the same I used for Waddsconf where Stephen Waddington asked a panel to “Explore the impact of AI on public relations”

For the AI scene, Alpaca is the new shiny object. Same as GPT but at a fraction of the cost and open source.




Under the same topic, António Lopes published the paper “A machine learning approach for mapping and accelerating multiple sclerosis research”.

This is a description of the method we use for GregoryAI.

Overal this week was filled with good things. New friends, new opportunities, and new hopes.

Photo by Michael Skok on Unsplash

My favorite productivity tool, Notion


If you sign up using the link above, let me know and I will offer a 1h mentoring session to get you up and running.

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