Lately my friends hear me say this a lot, “I know it’s not meant to be easy, but why does it always have to be a struggle?”. There’s a chance for me to improve my physical health, I just don’t know how I will get there. Yet.

Work wise, actually had fun building a new tool for the Lisbon Collective consulting. We can now run a Google Lighthouse Audit across a full website. This audit comes with several Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takeaways. In a time when Bing is using AI, this will be important for every company. SEO is no longer just about keywords, it’s about passing information to the Artificial Intelligence Large Language Models.

On that note, Andrew Bruce has a different view.

Online media coverage is the most valuable SEO content you can get. A new report backs up this claim.

Andrew Bruce

But if that coverage is not technically acessible by search engines, we’re back to square one.

For your communication and Public Relations work, Stephen Waddington has a nice roundup on how to use AI.

And this links back to the need to attribute our results to the actual effort and tasks that got us there.

Digital attribution is dead! Les Binet tells us why marketers need econometrics in 2023

A few other links that may help you.

Notion now has an AI feature, and I’m a self proclaimed ambassador for them. Get in touch if you’d like to chat about that. promises you can build your own AI-powered web apps tailored to your business. No technical skills required., is an AI-driven checklist management tool designed to help organizations get things done right every time.

My favorite productivity tool, Notion

If you sign up using the link above, let me know and I will offer a 1h mentoring session to get you up and running.

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