Things haven’t been easy lately. I’ve been working in growing the Lisbon Collective agency, and focusing on my health.

Also, Gregory AI was launched a while back. It’s the Open Source version of my Multiple Sclerosis Research Assistant, ready to be applied to other diseases.

On the topic of AI, Stephen Waddington thought it would be a good idea to have me join 3 cool people who know a lot about Public Relations, Corporate Communication, and technology.

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Can generative AI tools like ChatGPT help us communicate more effectively — and more empathically? Successful communication often relies on speaking to personality traits, cognitive styles, and identity-linked worldviews. With the right prompts, and familiarity with the right behavioral science concepts, leaders can use generative AI tools to speak more directly to specific audiences. Specifically, it’s possible to prompt these tools to consider loose culture vs. tight culture, psychological capital, framing, regulatory focus, locus of control, personality traits, and worldview.

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Somethings to keep in mind


openai investments in startups

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It used to be cool to have transparent gadgets.

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