The controversial subject of the MVP

Great for testing yet some teams seem defensive towards it.

We don’t do that here.

MVP is seen as

  • a way to cut corners.
  • the first version of a product
  • a product built in half the time and budget

MVP should be the minimum ammount of effort required to learn.

The definition is not coherent and needs to evolve.

Proposal: let's get rid of the term MVP

focus on the goal: learn what your customers want and need as early as possible and to get it into their hands fast.

It’s a process, not a product.

  • do our customers really have this problem?
  • what do our customers expect to gain in the end ?
  • What are they doing to solve the problem on their own?
  • what do they care about in a solution
  • where will they use the solution?

Problem-Solution Fit VS Product-Market fit

Design ways to learn more

It’s hard to get in touch with users who drop out.

What’s their biggest problem ?

Users couldn’t find the menus, information on what goes in the box, they didn’t understand the product.

The IA was wrong.

The experiments need to be designed to learn about the customer, it’s not to learn whether or not the solution works.

Example: HiFly

They fill in for flights that get canceled or have to be repaired.

Other companies use it to test new routes at a fraction of the cost of investing in the new route from the get go.

Example: Airbnb

Hosts were posting bad photos. Airbnb took it on themselves to take better photos and saw a spike on conversion rate.

Airbnb added the possibility to hire a photographer for free.

Product strategy emerges from experimentation

Sofymaxi: Design experiments to learn. But experiments are not excuses to don't focus on the big idea @lissijean #uxlx #leanux #mvp


Strategy is the long term goal and vision.

Management needs to change the way they are doing their jobs. They need to provide good vision, goals and guardrails to help the team move forward.

Your brand is how people feel about your product or service. — Bill Beard

fearing Cost of delay: delaying features or product may mean competitors get ahead in the market share.

for the first version there should be a next quick iteration.

Figure out what the customers want and not the MVP

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