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Neal has been working in social media for ten years and focused on “The Business of influence”.

Social Media is a mindset

A new way of thinking about who can be an influencer and many ways of working with them.

reset your mindset for social media marketing

Why is there still so much budget in traditional marketing? In other markets, small business does not have a website, but they use their instagram account and WhatsApp.

Influencer marketing should be a focus for 2019.

Social media was made for people and not for business, that is why personal profiles get more traction than business pages.

Today everyone is a publisher. On instagram, twitter, etc. There is a democratisation on how information is communicated.

In this new age, everyone can be an influencer because people tell stories that brands can’t.

Generating Content is one of the greatest resources when working with influencers.

Rethink who an influencer can be

Influencer marketing is about community

Your community is always a smaller subset.

An influencer can help you reach a community that doesn’t trust you at the moment.

We should start with the publics closer to us, like employees and customers. Treat them like an influencer.The hard part is that it takes time to know people and being able to keep historical data on your relationship with so many people.

Start by mapping out this community.

Evaluate an influencer

  • Reach
  • Relevance
  • Resonance
  • Cultural fit
  • Relationship

Do an influencer audit.

Content-centric influencer marketing

For B2B the focus is on building content

90% of the content that brands create is about themselves, not about their publics.

Events can be very powerful to engage with influencers. Have them as speakers or moderators, make them a part of the event and don’t just expect them to take interesting photos.

The end game is to create a product. In china, the future seems to be having influencers collaborate in building products.

There are two ways of thinking, you can Buy influence, or you can BUILD influence. It comes down to “what’s in it for me?” So what can you provide the influencer? Not just money, it could be other resources or access to products. Help them grow their community for example, or give them a unique experience.

Don’t encourage cut and paste.