I have been pushing myself to write more and there are two things keeping me from the goal of 1 good article a week.

One is that I want to share content that is meaningful, that brings the reader something they can use in their work or in their personal day-to-day tasks.

The other, that it is getting harder and harder to drive readers to this blog.

The Social Media landscape looks like it is going through a lot of changes. The Buffer team shared some of their insight on this on a recent blog post. The amount of content we produce keeps growing and filters are failing.

Medium offers a new way of organising and suggesting content and for long I have been meaning to give it a try.

What tipped the scales and made me publish an article there was actually a conversation between the team and Mike Monteiro. Mike asked a question and pointed out an issue he sees in the current design.

Update: Mike’s tweet with the ID 659047324895703040 as since been removed.

What followed was an healthy discussion and a first step in Mike lending a hand with his expertise.

Update: Mike’s tweet with the ID 659470028647985152 as since been removed.

That’s what won my trust. Being transparent, working on building something and listening to what users are saying.

If you want to read my first contribution to Medium, it’s just a click away.

Photos were kindly provided by Mário Pires, of Alves&Pires. Give them a call if you are looking for a good content creation team in Lisbon.

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