Last friday I had already shared my expectations about Upload Lisboa. It's now sunday and I can say I had a number of happy surprises.

That article is now updated and published on Bitaites in Portuguese. Stephen Waddington also published a brilliant summary of what happened.

My take?

I was happy because we talked a bit about the web I love so much. That place built for people to share and collaborate. Molly's presentation on content that is in fact useful and relevant for people really struck a chord with the audience. And later, Stephen's presentation was an important complement to that message. For both, the cornerstone was that the web is about creating relationships. 

Having been to the last 3 editions of Upload Lisboa, and having helped organise the first one, I can say that this one shows Facebook is losing it's shine. It was no longer present in such a prominent way has passed editions. The case studies presented are now focused on other channels; the crisis communication examples we saw began on search engines, blogs or twitter; the good examples of communication were about brands trying to connect to customers in real-time and with a human voice.

And yes, we talked about blogs. I had a small live blog running, showing the twitter and instagram feed for the #uplx2014 tag. Part of that page was editorial content, top tweets I picked because they grasped the heart of the discussion.

Facebook is by no means dead, nor does it look like it's dying anytime soon. But it wasn't on Facebook that the conversation took place and relationships were built.

I have seen this happen too often, events and conferences go by and then all that information is lost in the web. So I am listing the presentations I can find as well as other links. If you know of anything that should be added to this list, please let me know in the comments.

Pedro Janela

Performance Online


<a href=kwame_upload-conference.pdf">Big data vs Little data and the rise of Cloud Memory

Julian Cole

Digital Strategy Toolbox


Consumer research

  • Online Customer Journey



Online Paid Media

Creative Inspiration

Amber Horsburgh

Ricardo Nunes — Mindshare

Case studies:


Case Study OK 2014 – Filipe Almeida & Filipe Macedo

Parry Malm

Email marketing isn't just about sending emails anymore

Molly Flatt

Putting the X into Content Marketing

Stephen Waddington

Cluetrain Manifesto

Summary of Upload Lisboa

Online crisis management slides:

Important reading

  • Ad land weirdness and not being a dick, by Roberto Estreitinho.
  • Anúncios de Emprego para maiores de… by Pedro Rebelo

    Photo above is courtesy of Joana Sousa.