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Pinterest isn't valuable for me as a way to organize links and ideas. Yet, I tip my hat to it as a great source of inspiration and tutorials. It was a great help when I decided to (finally) decorate my apartment.

And I was missing a coffee table… Put some wine crates together and you get a pretty good one on the cheap.

The space in the center is perfect for an old laptop screen.

The problem with this was setting it up to be standalone and be able to hide the electronic components.

I had some friends to help with this. Luis Correia, from OOZ Labs, gave me a hand by converting the LVDS connectors of the screen to VGA. This way it can be used with any computer and a simple power source.

Wood Treatment

The bare wood looked nice, but Nuno Correia, also from OOZ Labs, suggested treating it with Bee Wax. It worked great bringing out the color and the veins of the wood.

The before and after photo was taken in the first day. As the wood dried out, the color improved and looked much better after a few days.

The table still needs a few aesthetic improvements. I am going to place a blackcardboard frame around the screen to hide most of the metal and make it blend a bit more. And last, it needs a glass protection on top, like a proper table.

The wood with the bee wax treatment and the before photo.

The final result

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