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I had my trip all planned out, like everyone else in this picture I am sure. Due to a strike by french air traffic controllers, our flight got canceled. From the little I could gather, other airlines did not cancel flights, instead they opted to go around french air space whenever possible.

Before reaching the customer service counter I had already read on twitter what was going on. There was a strike and my flight would be changed or refunded. I sat down, got online with my phone (because for reasons I don’t understand airports still don’t offer free access to the web) and changed my flight, re-scheduled my arrival at the hostel I booked.

Points and a thank you go out to Booking.com for helping as best they could with just one phone call.

But as far as easyjet goes, even tough they did manage to notify me quickly, their customer service desk still had just two people to handle a whole flight being canceled. I understand it’s a low-cost (and apparently high risk) airline but I expected at least a more proactive approach.