The other day someone asked me about whether an online newsroom could track the logins and visit patterns of journalists.

Quick answer is yes. The bigger question is why would you want to limit the visitors to your online newsroom to bloggers?

It is normal for PR to send information to journalists to get them to write a story, to give it a personal voice and share it with a broader audience.

When both the journalist and that audience are online, it does not make sense to restrict access to your press release, videos, photos or any other content. This is my opinion at least.

But I could be wrong, so I asked on twitter. and got a few amazing answers:

If you visit any one of those links you will have direct access to Press Releases, Photos, Videos, Media Contacts, etc. Ford does ask you to register or login if you want to see PR Contacts, but is otherwise open as far as I could tell from a quick glance.

This leads to two questions, one is that it may be time for portuguese organizations to re-think who gets access to Press Information. Two, is that those organizations without an online newsroom should give it some serious thought.

And has a bonus link:

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