I had forgotten just how amazing this city is. I had forgotten how much I love the poetry on the walls, the ceramic tiles with messages hidden in plain sight, the charming little places waiting around the corner.

When you’re distracted, it will surprise you in the most delightful way a city can.

last night, when I was walking in Alfama I ended up sidetracked by a friend I ran into. Seems there is a small art association that makes the best of our weather by organizing an outdoor cinema and that day they were airing “Roman Holiday“.

As if that wasn’t enough for a great surprise, we ended up in a small cape verdean restaurant for drinks. And that brought back some memories.

Heading back, some kids had found a way to set up a LCD screen and a game console so they could play together.

I had forgotten about these little surprises, and worst of all I have neglected to share them with everyone else. That is going to change.

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Bruno Amaral

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