But how could I not be? This first half of the year has been filled with some great projects, both at ClubJudge and in other quick freelancing projects.


The first, and dare I say sexiest, was the chance to help out the Shoe Committee in moving from WordPress to Squarespace. Now I have been helping define a business model for the blog to become self sufficient.

This was not the usual “lets just move to Squarespace and be done with it”. The decision was made in an effort to cut down severely on the technical skill required to manage the blog and make changes to the layout. At the same time we know the blog is going to need some development added to it. Squarespace came up as being the best choice for this because it allows us to scale the blog and even upgrade to a pricing scheme where we can make all the changes possible to the template.


After that, Criada Malcriada was the most fun I ever had developing a website. This a site for a comic strip. The author and the fantastic team came up to me saying they wanted to bootstrap together a site in the shortest deadline ever.

Everything was literally done over dinner! We ordered pizza, made jokes and when we left 90% of the work was done with a WordPress blog powering the comic strip and sharing it’s template with a Shopify store. The next hurdle was to export 700 comic strips from the Facebook page. After quite some tinkering with the Facebook API, wordpress was finally importing part of the content, albeit still linking the images to facebook’s servers.

With a bash script and a lot of patience the files were downloaded to the hosting server and the old links replaced.

Yes, I am a workaholic. But I get to do some interesting stuff and work with great people. It all evens out in the end.