Hey Seur, I really think you should listen to your stakeholders.

Me and many others made purchases to Amazon.ES. Mine was made on the 29th of November. It was a bit late, but I figured I was still on time to beat the Christmas rush. For the first time, I even paid for amazon’s express delivery to get my purchase delivered on the 4th of December.

It’s now the 28th and I have come to terms that it was lost forever. But you shouldn’t be sorry that you delayed and lost my order. To add insult to injury, you have signalled my order as being delivered and that is a lie.

The order is lost, those things happen and I am sure you have some good folk working for you. This happens.

What doesn’t happen, is that your process didn’t update the tracking information, and worst, that you lied by saying the order was delivered on the 23rd of December. It also is pretty low that you told Amazon two previous “guaranteed delivery” dates that you missed without so much as a notice.

SEUR, we all know that Christmas is hard for a carrier. Bad luck happens, the orders are too many for too little resources and everyone pressures you to get their order on time.

I lost my temper, my fault on that one. It happened because I tried to reach you by email, by phone and through your twitter account @SEUR_responde. In all that I have never received anything as much as a message saying “we received your enquiry and will try to answer as soon as possible. Please be patient.”. That would have been super.

I can also mention the time I spent on the phone, only to get disconnected after going through the automatic voice recognition and feeling like an idiot.

So instead, I reached out to Amazon and they eventually refunded my order, even though I said time and time again that this wasn’t about the money. I would just like to get that parcel delivered, or at the very least receive a small measure of consideration without having to bully you on Twitter.

And this took some pretty nasty proportions for you, I guess. https://www.dinheirovivo.pt/empresas/seur-falha-prazos-de-natal-na-entrega-das-encomendas-da-amazon/ (Article in Portuguese)

I’m distraught with all this, and don’t see why there isn’t at least a notice on your website acknowledging to your customers what happened. Oh, that’s right, we are not your customers. We are the stakeholder at the end of the line. When I said on twitter that all I was asking at this time was some once of consideration, a friend replied


loose translation: “Why consideration? We are not the customer. They may have consideration for the customer but we are cannon fodder, unless we make ourselves heard with their customer”

SEUR, I don’t want to live in a world where you get away with being an inconsiderate company. I don’t even care about my order anymore. I care that you show some respect for everyone, and that includes the people you have working for you in the field, busting their asses off to get stuff done, and the people waiting for what they purchased.

SEUR, in this time and age, if you want to be on social media, you have to be ready to handle the good and the bad, you have to hold yourself accountable to every stakeholder’s expectation and most of all, you have to treat people like human beings instead of dismissing them, leaving questions unanswered, and worse… lie.

At the moment, I have filled a formal complaint with Amazon and I’m rethinking the option of buying anything from any company, in Spain or otherwise, that uses your carrier services.

SEUR, no one expects you to be flawless but we do expect you to be transparent, truthful and trustworthy.

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