I have been teaching crisis management in digital communication for a while now, at the University of Lisbon, you can find more information at http://www.d-motions.com/ and http://iepg.iscsp.ulisboa.pt/pos-graduacoes/sociedade-cultura-e-media/comunicacao-estrategica-digital/objectivos-e-destinatarios

A recurring conclusion is that any issue that implies crisis management will impact Reputation.

Sure, it’s obvious. What is less obvious is what we should consider to be the definition of reputation, specially in a digital context.

In the next few months I will be doing some research around what is reputation and how that matches with User Experience and Business Intelligence. It’s a topic that I don’t feel just be restricted to Public Relations, or Marketing.

Not sure where this path will lead, but my first round up of ideas and links is bellow.

unsplash-logoMaxime Le Conte des Floris

what is reputation


  • What is a good reputation?
  • What is the return of reputation?
  • How can brands measure and try to manage their reputation?

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