As some may recall, I left Fujitsu a while back. Soon after I turned in my resignation I saw a new opportunity appear: to teach an undergraduate Public Relations course in Cape Verde.

Long story short, I m taking on the challenge. I still don’t know what to expect but here I am, looking at my notes and preparing the first week of classes.

This adventure will last for the next 3 months and should end in March. During that time I will have the chance to be teach both first and second year students. In the meantime, I hope this gives me the chance to work on some ground-level posts about Public Relations.

And did I mention I am leaving tomorrow?

There isn’t really much I can say for sure about these next few months, it will be hard, saudade will become a familiar word (for all the known reasons and just because) and also…

It will be Legen, wait for it… dary!

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