I am going to put together two very different things. One is a podcast called The Art of Manliness, the other is Rick and Morty.

We start with Da Vinci

Because, well, he's older.

In the podcast, Walter Isaacson talks about how Da Vinci used to keep a journal with everything. From shopping lists to ideas and sketches.

You see where this is getting at? Journalling is what we now call blogging and used to call “Having a diary”.

it’s worth a listen.

Rick and Morty

Wubba lubba dub dub

Dan Harmon is the creator of this cartoon that features and insane man and his grandson. I’m not good enough with words to be able to describe it. Take a look.

Back to the author, amidst the chaos which is twitter, a fan reached out to him asking how to deal with depression. Dan was listening.

For One: Admit and accept that it’s happening. Awareness is everything. We put ourselves under so much pressure to feel good. It’s okay to feel bad. It might be something you’re good at! Communicate it. DO NOT KEEP IT SECRET. Own it. Like a hat or jacket. Your feelings are real.
— Dan Harmon (@danharmon) November 28, 2017

Journaling is the connection between the two. At some point, Dan advises @chojuroh to write down what she feels and just get it out of her head.

And lately I have been doing just that. By writing more and filtering much less. So, if you noticed a sudden increase in stuff published here, that’s why.

Here is a secret, you are only seeing 10% of it. I am keeping a more chaotic and personal journal in unlisted pages and posts, things that are only relevant to me and that I may or may not want to use one day.

And how is your journal like?