Here is a simple idea for you:

Your business card or resumé can be a bit more interesting if you add a QR Code, and use it to show people a custom html page with your photo, a small bio and up to date contact details. It will look like the image on this post.

Sounds simple enough, right?

It requires knowledge of html, a server to host the file, a URL for that page and a QR Code with that link that you can save and use many times.

Ok, maybe it is not that simple.

That is why I created the MobileProfile site.

There you can fill out a form and get your own contact page and associated QR Code.

It is better than other solutions because you can keep your information updated without the need to change the QR Code on your cards or CV. To make it a bit better, you can configure it with google analytics to keep tabs on how many views your page gets. (If you need help configuring google analytics, let me know on twitter and I will help.)

Why did you do this?

Well, the idea came after a cup of coffee with Neville Hobson. He did just this, the hard way, and I figured I could come up with a way for anyone to have a quick and easy profile page for mobile.

What’s in it for you?


No, really, what’s the catch? Are you going to sell my data?

No catch. It’s free. And I will never make your data available to a third-party.

Will it work forever?

Unless for some reason I need to drop the domain or heroku stops hosting this software for free.

I have another question!

If you have any question or find a bug, please leave a comment or ask away on twitter. 🙂