European Flags - by Xavier HäpeAfter Euroblog, I have been struggling with the realisation that I should provide at least some content in English. So far, the best bet appears to be a small post that sums up all that was published the week or month before.

The logic behind this is my belief that there should be more Portuguese Bloggers talking about Public Relations. That is where I stand my ground and that is the reason why 90% of the content published will be on my mother tongue. Not forgetting that I have always stood against Portuguese bloggers writting in English, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to share ideas and comments with the friends I made at Euroblog.

So, having explained that and accepting any criticism that might come my way. The question I have for you is, how do you prefer?

Should I just add another category for English posts? Do you want a separate feed to distinguish each language? Or do you see a better alternative than these? Would you mind if some content could only be found in English?

This questions goes for both current and future readers, so please feel free to speak no matter what the circumstances.