The Geek

Bruno Amaral

I used to take telephones apart trying to figure out how they work. Today I like to put things together and build physical and digital lego into something useful and entertaining.

If you need a label, you may say that I am a geek but I am not the only one.

My parents got me a computer when I was 9 years old and by 10 I was programming in Basic.

Today, I tinker with web development for both Frontend and Backend. Well, actually I tinker with anything as long as I learn something from it.

The Consultant

For lack of a better role, I am a digital strategist. I help brands solve problems and combine Technology and communication into a business strategy.

My skills range from Marketing Strategy to User Experience; including Google Analytics, Social Media and Content Strategy.

This is the result of over 10 years of experience working simultaneously as a freelancer and with marketing agencies. Additionally, I have a Masters in public relations and strategic management.