Geek Import Instagram Posts Into Hugo

I do love Instagram and the cool ways we can connect through with, see other cities, people we miss. It’s just hard to deal with having my photos …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 25 June, 2020
Geek Creating a Gallery Component for the Hugo Static Site Generator

Some of the posts that you see in this blog feature an image gallery. If you want to see a working example, there is one in the post about the Portuguese …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 24 August, 2019
Geek Coggle Mindmapper

A mind map is a good way to organize complex information and to structure concepts. After trying a lot of free and freemium apps for mind mapping, I found …

Geek Radio Garden

We are missing out on the richness of local radios because of the rise of streaming services. Radio Garden in a website that brings that diversity a bit …

Geek Firefox Send

This pilot project from Mozilla is a faster and private way to share files. Just drag and drop from your computer, it will upload and give you a single-use …

Geek Librivox

To make all books in the public domain available, for free, in audio format on the internet. Librivox is a community of people who volunteer to record …


These are the magic numbers that will speed up your Internet. Each time you type “” or “”, your computer …

The easiest way to record a podcast
Geek Anchor

With Achor, recoring and publishing a podcast is as easy as pressing record. It’s free for iOS and Android, and comes with analytics so you can learn …

Geek Content Groups in Hugo

If you are not a webdesigner or programmer, you probably want to skip this post. Click on to find something that is more …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 3 March, 2018

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