I got excited with the work that started last week. A bit of context first.

Since 2021, I have been running the Gregory MS Project and it grew more than I expected. Gregory even became a part of the services offered for my studio, the Lisbon Collective.

After some bureaucratic ordeals, we were able to setup non-profit meant to manage the expenses be transparent regarding what we get from donations.

Last week I finished the website for the new organisation. https://human-singularity.org/

The fun part? This is an organisation were transparency is a core value and we took that to heart. If you visit the transparency page you will get a snapshot of the key figures as they happen.

We are showing donation data in real time, using Stripe’s API.

The website can also process bank transactions and show them in a table, updated monthly.

Analytics are privacy focused, not using any cookies, and also available for everyone to see. These key figures are also updated in real time.

Core values aren’t just a tool to guide communication, they can and must be a guide for what features and content we develop.

Your tools for this week

Instead of a list of tools, a great post by Rich Leigh where he explains how he built the Press Release Draft GPT https://www.weareradioactive.com/blog/pr-insights/draft-releases-in-a-fraction-of-the-time-with-press-release-draft-gpt.

It’s a good starting point for you to build your own custom GPT, focused on your goals instead of generic output.