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This talk was without a doubt one of the most intriguing ones. Chris brought to the stage tales of divination, randomizers and even party games to unblock creativity.

UX Podcast has an interview with Chris and Denise Jacobs on both their views on creativity.

Q: How do you think new things?

A: we can't help it

Chris Noessel also tweets as and using the #nametale hashtag

The doors of perception by Aldous Huxley

"What worked before is what we need not to do."
— Chris Noessel


  • Haruspication : divining by sheep liver
  • I Ching : produce random binary numbers to find reference to a pre written set of 'answers'
  • Tarot: context, focus and outcome by drawing random cards


Other machines that produce new meaning:

  • Mad libs
  • Musikalische Würfelspiele : a musical dice game
  • Ariadne's thread (latourex)
  • The lonely planet guide to planetary travel. Techniques to discover a new place
  • Cards against humanity

Deep structure

Signifiers, randomized in a fixed grammar & read for new meaning.

Semantic Noodling & Meaning Machines


Poetry: "The rose is red. The violet's blue. Sugar is sweet, and so are you."

N+7 (oulipo)

Signoras, randomized in a fixedgram & read for mean square

Constrained writing allows us to find new linguistic formulations.

Name Reconstruction


Sketch by @dblo_om

Photos of Chris Noessel at UXLx