I was browsing my old Evernote account and found this list of stock photos sites. It was probably copied from another website, but I lost the original reference. It’s a good list either way.

  1. Free stock images, icons, and videos.

  2. A free creative common collection of travel photos. Cupcake: A photographer’s treat by Jonas Nilsson Lee.

  3. Free photos sent to you every month.

  4. Designers Pics: Free photographs for your personal & commercial use.

  5. Free food pictures in hi-res.

  6. Function: Free photo packs.

  7. Free photos.

  8. Gratisography: Free high-resolution photos.

  9. IM Free: A curated collection of free resources.

  10. ISO Republic: High-quality, free photos for creatives.

  11. Jay Mantri: Free pics. do anything (CC0). Make magic.

  12. Jéshoots: New modern free photos.

  13. Kaboompics: The best way to get free photos.

  14. Life of Pix: Free high-resolution photos.

  15. Little Visuals: 7 hi-res images in your inbox every 7 days.

  16. Lock & Stock Photos: Free stock photos for you.

  17. Magdeleine: A free high-resolution photo every day.

  18. Mazwai: Free creative commons HD video clips & footages.

  19. MMT: Free stock photos by Jeffrey Betts.

  20. Moveast: This is a journey of a portuguese guy moving east.

  21. New Old Stock: Vintage photos from the public archives.

  22. Paul Jarvis: Free high-resolution photos.

  23. Pexels: Best free photos in one place.

  24. Picjumbo: Totally free photos.

  25. Picography: Free hi-resolution photos.

  26. Pikwizard

  27. Pixabay: Free high quality images.

  28. Public Domain Archive: New 100% free stock photos.

  29. Raumrot: Free high-resolution picture.

  30. Snapographic: Free stock photos for personal & commercial use.

  31. Splashbase: Search & discover free, hi res photos & videos.

  32. Splitshire: Delicious free stock photos.

  33. Startup Stock Photos: Go. Make something.

  34. Stock Up: Best free stock photo websites in one place.

  35. Stokpic: Totally free photos.

  36. Super Famous: Photos by Dutch interaction designer Folkert Gorter.

  37. The Pattern Library: Free patterns for your projects.

  38. Travel Coffee Book: Sharing beautiful travel moments.

  39. Unsplash: Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.

  40. Some more websites: Free Digital Photos |Morguefile | Public Domain Pictures | Stockvault | ImageFree | Rgbstock |Dreamstime | Free Images | Free Range Stock | Free Photos Bank.

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Creativity 40+ Stock Photo Sites

I was browsing my old Evernote account and found this list of stock photos sites. It was probably copied from another website, but I lost the original …

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