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Are you there honey?
Who is this?
It's Ana I got your message. Sorry I took so long, I rarely login. It's not my crowd anymore.
Are you ok?
I don't know
I need answers!
Who did this to me? Did you ? What made you do it ?
You asked me to.
Why? Why would I ask you to throw out my memories ?
You didn't say. You came to me so defeated, saying it was the only way.
You asked me to do it. You said goodbye. It was hard. I felt I wouldn't see you again. I was erasing a friend and our friendship.
I need proof.
Oh my dear. And how can I give you proof?
I don't know
What do you want to know?
I need to know why and how
I can't promise that.
Then why?
I don't know ... the sort of troubles you were in… you were playing a dangerous game against both sides
Which sides?
The consortium and the Underground
You said it was to protect the ones you love
That they wouldn't stop following you to get the keys
My family? You took it to save my family?
You don't have any family my dearest … I don't know who you were trying to protect.
You need to fix this.
I don't know how, but you have to give it back.
I don't even know if I can
I don't even know if I should.
You are upset
I'm tired and I have been running away for months
And now, I'm texting a stranger who is useless
Oh no. I did want to help. I gave you options
You see, in the end it's all about options. You have choices and you chose this path for your reasons
I am not responsible for your choices. I merely provided the help I could
I changed my mind!
GIVE it back!
You need to calm down.
You need to know that you asked a lot from me and everyone in the Primae.
I was against it at first. We are a group for healing and what we did was crazy.
You said. If they catch me, they won't be able to get anything from me and it's important.
I need myself back. I can't fight anymore
I don't know what to do
Stay calm
Have you had any symptoms from the memory block ?
I was always afraid the stress would break you.
Chris? Are you there ?
Chris, say something
I don't know what to say
Tell me anything. I'm worried
I can't sleep.
Every time I try, I am chased by daemons
I have been taking pills and they help. But they are chasing me
The woman and the man
Chapel and River
I track them and they track me
They are dangerous. Chapel is the most.
You need to get me back
My lovely … I don't know if I can
I'm losing my mind. I don't know what to do
Come find me honey. I'll do my best
I'm in Hispalis. Meet me in the rose garden of the Alcázar.
I'm sorry Chris…