"Fucking headache, what did I do last night? Where am I?"

This was a dark and dirty room and even his muscles were aching, and the slim strokes of light in the window seemed to show the day was half gone. He didn't know where he was or how he got there. He could barely remember what a hangover was.

He sits on the bed only to find out he is naked and looks like he was dragged onto the bed. Looking around he sees a computer at his feet, a small nightstand, a bottle of water and a broken clock on the wall.

Confused, unable to recall his name, he opens the laptop that lights up to show a video player. A man is sitting in a white room where a clock is the only decoration, 1:37 PM. He is wearing a t-shirt with no distinguishable remarks, making this the most hygienic scene we can imagine. He has a clean cut, a close shave and a tired look.

"Hello Crypto." — What a hell of a name is that?

"I am you, before you became yourself. And this message will be our starting point.

What I can tell you now is that we chose to have our memory wiped. There was no other option, and yet I am not sure it means we are safe. Rest assured that I have a plan, for what it's worth.

I left some clothes for you in the closet, some cash, a fake ID, and a mobile phone on the drawer of the night stand. You can trust it. The PIN number is something that only you can unlock. Keep it with you at all times.

You will also find two USB drives. One is hardware-encrypted, the other is a bootable linux operative system. Should help in case you need to use an unsafe computer.

Your first task, get dressed and get out of there. You will eventually receive more instructions.

Good Luck to us."

– What the fuck is this? Is this me?

The whole computer freezes. There is only the image of the man who claims to be him looking back, in that white washed room where the clock is also frozen.

His confused look is staring back at him and the system now refuses any feedback. He takes a hard look at himself in the bathroom mirror.

He has a short hair cut, and a beard. Nothing like the clean and professional appearance in the video. Was that really him or some clever make-up ? If that was him, then how much time had passed? Where the hell was he supposed to go?

In his head he was drafting all sorts of scenarios. Being kidnapped, being persecuted, a criminal running away from justice. What does all this mean? Amidst confusion he grew furious when he found nothing else that could be a clue. The place is a blank slate.

- What is happening to me? Who the hell am I? Where am I and should I do? Do I trust the nerd on the computer?

The closet did have clothes. Black pants, boots and a casual white shirt. He had 49,27€ in cash. This was Europe then. Where the hell were the 73 cents? What the hell does this mean? Where was he supposed to go?

He focused on the mobile phone, a black android with no branding that booted up and asked for a pin number.