Photo copyright:, Into the Light Pack.

This is not your usual short story. I built crypto with three plans in mind, one of which was to do something more long form, another to make it a bit more interactive. This is the web, we don't have to respect the usual storytelling frameworks.

Crypto is meant to be a challenge, where you have to decypher clues to unlock the next chapters. You need to answer riddles, pay attention to detail, find patterns in the plot.

As always, the name derives from two sides of the same coin. I used cryptography to encode the chapters and make sure it wasn't easy to cheat and it also correlates to the mistery at hand.

The plot starts simple enough, a man wakes up and has no memory of what happened. We then dive deeper to visit a world where present and future go hand in hand and there was an effort to ensure plausibility.

Ready? Follow me into the Crypto's mind.