The easiest way to record a podcast
Geek Anchor

With Achor, recoring and publishing a podcast is as easy as pressing record. It’s free for iOS and Android, and comes with analytics so you can learn …

Geek Telegram

Before WhatsApp was secure, Telegram was already offering end-to-end encryption. This app comes with stickers, bots, private and …

Geek LanguageDrops App

It’s never easy to learn a new language. “Drops” is an app with a fresh approach, more visual and based on a …

Geek Scannable

iOS: Android: …

geek TuneIn

Do you miss the time of the FM Radio? TuneIn will bring radios from all over the world to your iPhone or Android. Get it here

Geek MyCellium

My Cellium Wallet If you started the year investing on bitcoin, this app is for you. MyCellium creates a private wallet and gives you a passphrase, 12 …

Communication The future of communication platforms

My last post was about how I see the web, as being made of platforms, channels/instruments, contexts and content. A few days after I pressed publish, Steve …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 8 May, 2010

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