The Às Páginas Tantas is a very simple idea, to write at least 1 page a day about anything. This is the only rule, and from it can come a wealth of silly things, loose and fragmented ideas.

There are already a number of websites and articles on the web about the method and its benefits and everything else. Honestly, I don't remember 10% of what I read, I just know it exists. And for me, it's not about reaping benefits, it just simply occurred to me to try it out and see what can happen. Having come across the idea while reading a book on creativity and the story of how Bob Dylan wrote "Like a Rolling Stone" is a coincidence.

Sometimes there are coincidences. Not always, but sometimes.

And I feel that I need a way or a method to dump ideas and to write about whatever the hell I want. Without feeling tied to a theme, a topic, or the need for a greater objective.

And I like to build things, so let's try to build here a notebook that at so many pages is just a collection of loose pages. As if each one had been stolen from a different book that just happens to belong to the same author.

What is curious is that even so, I feel the need to give a bit of a thread to each paragraph.

For the curious, an A4 page has 500 to 600 words, and that will be my minimum limit: 500 words. Which means that this paragraph is about halfway through.

I also won't focus so much on looking for interesting photos or gifs to illustrate like I do for the rest. *Quick and Dirty* will be the motto for when I sit at the computer and try to block distractions as best as possible. (And I get distracted quite a bit.)

Another thing I'll try to do is not edit the texts. I can adjust a sentence here and there, correct an error or a typo. But I won't do my usual exercise of re-reading and editing to make sure everything is impeccable. Nor will I translate these texts.

Portuguese is my mother tongue and as much as I like being able to write in a way that more people can read, I won't have the energy and time a translation of these texts needs. Which raises a problem for me... I need to help readers find these articles.

You see, the multilingual version of this template, which I have been deconstructing and constructing as I please, is in an embryonic state where the only way to reach an article/post is through its English version.

That's solvable. What's going to be complicated is this need to focus and find time. Ding, message. Ping, alert. Ring, phone call. Zing, alarm.

And no, the problem isn't the technology and I already hear you saying "but it is too!". Let's not blame technology for our lack of discipline.

Discipline and motivation are what will decide if this exercise will bring results and if it will be worth your time. 527 words.

22 08 2017
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Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
22 August, 2017