It came to my atention that i’ve been getting a lot of visitors who don’t speak portuguese. And given my recent article for tucows, that number is bound to increase a bit.

So I feel I should at least offer this post, explaining what this blog is about, and how you may have ended up here.

First off, my goal with the blog was to draw attention to my digital art pieces. It later evolved into something different. My friends usually come to me for advice several issues…mostly technology. Some posts are meant to keep me one step ahead of they will ask me and to show others that talking about computers doesn’t mean long and complicated texts.

And yet I couldn’t stop there. Nowadays this blog is also a way for me to advertise Double Click.web – my webdesign company. To keep in subject, I sometimes post about new web trends, web accessability and standards.

About me, I have a degree on social communication and public relations. I also do photography and freelance articles whenever possible.

You may have come here through one of the art communities I’m part of, or from my recent article in Either way, thanks for taking interest ! Now, do I plan to write bilingual posts ? Not really, I have a part time job and double click.web is still starting up. And my target audience speaks portuguese… I don’t set it aside completly, just not now.

So, thank you for your visit and feel free to comeback to visit the gallery. And if you want to drop me a line, email me to bruno.amaral [at]