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Separation Anxiety: Messenger from Feature to Standalone App

Marissa Phillips

1 min read

About a year ago, most people didn’t know that Facebook had a separate app for messaging, and Messenger didn’t offer much that you couldn’t already get from the Facebook app. Since then, Messenger was completely redesigned, and it’s now used by millions of people. Learn how the team approached the task of redefining Messenger and struggled with separating it from Facebook.

  • See how the voice of a sub-brand emerged.
  • Get tips for writing content that’s really mobile-first.
  • Hear some approaches for delivering bad news to your audience.

First people reacted negatively to the new app and the forced migration

Second, people reacted against the permissions requested by the app

PR Team worked to clear this up, but people were deleting the app from their phones.

Messenger : Myths vs Facts

notice on the app that directed people to a page that acknowledged the rumors.

  1. prepare people for change and explain why it is being done
  2. sometimes more words are better (explain in detail what is going on to users)
  3. take time to test and iterate
  4. content strategists can lead UX projects too


UXLx - User Experience Lisbon 2015

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