Culture Museu Nacional Arte Antiga

Visiting the ‘Museu de Arte Antiga’ turned out to be an interesting experience.

Culture National Tile Museum Any place is a good place to start. I chose this one for several reasons, one of which my curiosity to see if we can …

Geek Beautiful Porto

Photo © by Nuno Dantas Places for Fado Casa da Mariquinhas O Fado (near the Museum Of Discoveries) Places to Visit Museum of Photography (old courthouse …

Geek Beautiful Lisbon

This page is a tourist guide to the beautiful city of Lisbon. It’s on GitHub because, well, geeks. Feel free to contribute by forking the repository …

Communication Geek This is not madness. This is … THE INTERNET!

The Portuguese government sometimes comes up with some harebrained ideas. The latest is a project to tax devices where I might wish to make a copy of …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 4 December, 2014
Geek X-Ray of a broken political system

The picture in this post is an infographic built by Pedro Cruz. The circles represent portuguese companies. The bigger the circle, the more politicians …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 29 December, 2013
Communication A country of emigrants, and a world of stories

Lately I have been stumbling upon a number of news articles about Portugal, about the economic crisis, about how the portuguese are leaving home in search …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 4 October, 2013

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