Biology is an exquisite designer

The problem

we are asked to design for a future we don’t know how it will be.

It’s difficult to look far ahead

1. Product inovation is evolutionary

It’s much more dramatic, sometimes nothing happens and then everything changes.

We are going to see new tech arrive on the scene, new competitors and other disruptors.

Adaptation happens in response to pressure

Our process needs to gather the negative feedback and use it to move forward.

We work in cycles of near wins that lead to more attempts.

We need to foster that adaptation environment.

Movement is important

if we don’t need to move, we don’t need a brain.

Think about the customer about what they are doing as human being and what you can give them in that state.

innovation feels like super powers

Even when disguised as a phone.

tech needs to feel comfortable and not weird, it needs to make you feel “safe”.

an interface is just another form of conversation.

We are always on but not on the same device.

Different contexts, different devices, but sometimes the same content.

We should question everything.

Shopping is not the same for all apps.

Humans are an emotional mess

And that’s a good thing.

serotonin and other brain functions reinforce our use of phones and apps.

We need to stop thinking as designers/scientist and start thinking like emotional people.

The best products make humans feel more _____ (loved, safe, etc.)

Don’t wait for a crisis to happen

Nothing interesting happens in the office

build for the human state

Allow humans to be human

Amplify human powers

technology has to fit our day to day and the way we act and feel.

Specialize for your niche

context is everything

Final thought

Make humans FEEL.

Our job is to make them connect, be recognized and accepted, loved.

Please try this at home: ask people about their feelings, do a ride along, don’t be the doctor that sits at the office.

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