This is possibly the biggest conference for User Experience professionals of any field. Next edition is on the 23 and 26th of May 2017.

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Creativity is the new black, it is highly valued by others. We are hardwired to create.

For business, it's necessary.

We need to avoid silos and work in concert with others.

Steps for creativity

1. unblock

Fear of being judged, and criticized, is a block.

Fear of making mistakes, not being perfect.

Fear of ideas being too unique, too different.

The inner critic is the main block for creativity.

[email protected] Great acronym for F.E.A.R.=False Evidence Appearing Real (or F*uck Everything And Run!) #createtogether #uxlx
— @denisejacobs:
[email protected] Great tips for "Banishing Your Inner Critic" https://t.co/3t9XTOye8t #createtogether #uxlx https://t.co/kIpFHAmrxM
— @denisejacobs

Adopt an experimentation mindset and Ideas will start to flow

2. Connect

More people: more creativity

Be generous, share ideas… there's a flipside: you also have to listen.

Avoid over talking because you are muting others.

Tips for listening

  • Be present
  • Pay attention
  • Relax your own agenda

Try it: Talk + Talk / Talk + Encourage, it builds trust and safety.

[email protected] Generating good ideas with people means listening. Work to become an adept listener. #createtogether #uxlx
— @denisejacobs

3. combine

Diversity of people = diversity of ideas

Complementary roles and responsibilities

Respond and adapt to the environment to create

[email protected] “Play is how we invent and experiment.” – @bigmediumjosh, “The Web Gets Real” #createtogether #uxlx
— @denisejacobs
[email protected] Read this Book!! Betterness: Economics for Humans: https://t.co/6dKeBwHQoR #uxlx #createtogether https://t.co/2qK40jg5mW
— @denisejacobs
[email protected] “Collaboration flourishes when there is a willingness to embrace new practices and thinking.”- @distilco, “How to Collaborate” #uxlx
— @denisejacobs

Instead of "yes, but", work to amplify the ideas of others. It's called plussing.

  1. Start where you are
  2. Accept the offer
  3. Fully commit
  4. The response is always "yes, and"
  5. Make your colleagues look good

4. construct

Build an environment for creativity

5. encourage stupid ideas

They may be the best ones

This co creation is a new paradigm, it's time to up level our creativity.

It's not about more stuff, it's about making things better

Betterness: Economics for humans a book by Umair Haque

Sketch by @danavizcaino

Photos of Denise Jacobs at UXLx

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UXLx This is possibly the biggest conference for User Experience professionals of any field. Next edition is on the 23 and 26th of May 2017. Programme and …


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