People watching live video and who are attending Spark.

Don’t be an ask on social media. Connect with people and share their content. Use your phone as a collection device.

The last two papal transitions showed a great increase in the way we use technology, and who uses technology.It didn’t even take us five years to go into live streaming.

Live video means no homework, you don’t need to edit it, and the platforms you can use are in the hundreds.

There is too much going on online and today the scarcest resource of our century is attention.

  • Live video can help you cut through the clutter
  • Done well it’s a game changer
  • Done poorly it is just awful

An example, Ted Cruz doing a Facebook live with his phone horizontal. And that was the worse of the issues in the video.

Before you go live, promote it.

Three atributes of great digital projects (that also apply to live video)

  • Simple
  • Useful
  • Delightful

1. Live Video is a part of your digital strategy, it’s not the center of it.

Try the different platforms and use the one that makes sense to you

2. Why go live?

If it’s not going to be special, don’t do it.

3. Plan everything you are doing

There are multiple ways to get people to see your video, make sure to publicise before, during and after.

4. It’s not about your network

It’s about the network of the person standing there with you.

5. read, interact and respond

It’s more effective if you pay some attention to what the audience is saying. Otherwise you will be irritating the people who are watching you.

Get a digital wingman/woman that will assist you in sharing relevant links, keep track of comments and filter interesting questions from the audience.

Quick trick, always ask a question in the description of your live video. That will become a conversation starter for the two people on the facebook live video.

6. go for at least 10 minutes

7. what’s going on? Reintroduce yourself throughout the video and say what is happening

This will give viewers a reason to stay because they won’t be confused about what is going on.

8. There are two audiences, the live audience and the replay audience

Part of your job is to promote the video, before and after the live session. Get people to see what you did and where you were.

9. Practice, practice, practice

When you need a safe place, use the “only me” feature on facebook.