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UXLx - User Experience Lisbon 2015

What follows is a mess. These are the notes I took while attending UXLX this last week. Three days packed with workshops and presentations turned out to be a crash course in User Experience, at least for me.

I found parallels with things I have been doing and from the discussions and conversations that followed I feel I took away a new perspective on how those things can be done in a more efficient and effective way. It was an opportunity to see first hand the method and process that UX needs in a startup or in an established brand.

So by the time I reached the second day I was taking notes like crazy. Then I posted everything on twitter for others to use.

The full stack of notes is bellow, in its raw form with typos and poor format, scribbled urls and little structure in how each concept ties to the next. I am hoping that despite these flaws you will be able to take something away from it.

Did anything change? Yes. I now feel more confident in taking on UX tasks and I got a foothold that allows me to dig for more information if I need to. For that, I owe a huge thank you to Bruno Figueiredo and the whole team behind the conference. They did a great job!

If you would like to read up more about the conference, take a look at the Sketch notes by Per Axbom, and take some time to listen to the interviews of the speakers by the UX Podcast.