Photo copyright, Benjamim

This photo was taken by @Benjamim. He had been researching 360º photos and mentioned there were a lot of solutions out there, most of them expensive and requiring a monthly fee to host.

It's a fair service, but with a cost of over 5K for each 360º Tour, it's out of the reach of most websites.

In these cases, a little research goes a long way. And the viewer bellow is good enough to display any 360º photo, with hotspots and the ability to move from scene to scene and even with multiple photos at different resolution levels.

This example breaks on iPhones because the photo is too large. However, if this were the real deal, it would be easy to present different versions to the user based on the device used. Here, the prize goes to Android phones, because they allow for a larger threshold in image lenght.


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