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Digital Insanity

This play on words is more than meets the eye.

This site is both a small tribute to Jamiroquai and a way to explain my divergence of interests and fascinations.

The way technology is changing our way of communicating and the way society is shaped fascinates me. Looking and working at the far horizon of these changes can be mistaken for insanity. If that is the case, I am insane and perfectly ok with it.

tools of the trade : Geek, Consultant

This place on the web is my playground where I want to do a bit of show and tell. It is where I want to share with you somethings I have done and that you can do as well or even better. Instructions are included for that reason.

This playground has a jungle gym of words and ideas that vary from insightful to useless. At the very least I hope to entertain and drive you to question on your own.

Even though I work as a consultant for Marketing and Digital Strategy, don't let that mislead you. There is a reason why this playground doesn't have a big sign saying 'Marketing posts'.

Pay attention to two things. One is that I enjoy playing with words. You will find many obscure references, some in plain sight others not so much. The other is that I have used photos from very good photographers and made sure to keep links to their work so you can discover more.