Stubs is a concert agenda built for mobile and desktop. Design was done by Diana Costa, initial prototype by Paulo Gonçalves, full implementation with Django by me. Once the concert is over, it displays every public photo published within 1km of the concert venue.


Mobile Profile

Mobile Profile makes your business cards better. It lets you register a profile and gives you a QR Code so others can access it and use your contact details with a few taps. With it, you can make sure that the information on your business card is always up to date because you can edit your email, telephone and other details. It was also the first time where I attempted to build something made for mobile screens, using the Twitter Bootstrap framework.


Natal PT

Natal PT proved that it is quite easy to engage people across the country with just an afternoon of work. It is an instagram gallery that collects photos using the same hashstag, in this case #natalpt. After letting people know about the gallery, we collected over 300 photos in about 4 weeks. The whole thing started when a sudden rain ruined my plans to enjoy a saturday afternoon.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas is a blog I update just once a year. Around Christmas time I put some work towards creating a different kind of postcard to send to friends and family across the globe. The “card” can be a video, a photoshop ilustration or even a whole website. It was only fair I took some time to keep a record of everything I do around Christmas.