Jess McMullin
Web Speaking Ceo: Business Fluency for Designers From @jessmcmullin “This talk is about the things I wish I’d told myself 15 years ago.” (Crosses …

Jaime Levy
Web From Ux Strategy to Digital Transformation “Working on my first discovery phase, with contact with the stakeholders, there was …

Boon Sheridan
Web Augmented Reality – Wait, What? (Or, Pokémon Gone) There is a lot of disclaimers in talks about augmented reality. Things change fast. …

A Disturbing Tale of Personal Growth in Four Parts by Richard Banfield
Web Confusion, Stupidity and Shame Nice talk by @RMBanfield at #uxlx about "growth minset". Failure doesn't make …

Jaron Lanier
Web How We Need to Remake the Internet

Since I read “You are Not a Gadget” that Jaron became a sort of thorn in my side. The good kind of thorn, the kind that challenges our opinion. …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 6 May, 2018
The Internet of Things, Makers and Marketing
Geek Web If You Build It We Will Hack It

First, an important note. The cinemagraph you see in this page comes from Ross at Second Crop Creative. He has some amazing work in his portfolio that you …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 19 July, 2017
Web UXLx17, a trip to the future

Foreword What you are about to read is the translation of a blog post I wrote for ActiveMedia. They wanted me to share my perspective on UX Lx and what it …

Brenda Laurel
Web This is the way the world ends

Pompei, when Vesuvius erupted. People had time to flee, not everyone did for various reasons. It was the boiling frog effect. Rapa Nui, one of the most …

Erik Dahl
Web Designing Our Future

part 1 - framing Cargo Cult UX/Design Tribe was acting out rituals to attract planes carrying goods and food. We take 1000 breaths a day and don’t …


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